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10 Reasons To Choose Montech Motors

9 Reasons To Choose Montech Motors
  1. Technically advanced workshop with a 4WD dynamometer.
  2. Realistic advice given, not based on the need to maximize profit
  3. Flexibility in parts procurement, OEM and manufacture..
  4. Pre-loved parts available if advantageous to the job.
  5. If we need a tool for a specific vehicle we will get it.
  6. Friendly, stable workplace.
  7. Courtesy cars available – Toyota Prius’ – We love hybrids !
  8. All work guaranteed.
  9. We are a small business not a franchise with excessive fees, which helps to keep our prices down.
  10. Our business has grown organically via referral and word of mouth, not advertising.

We offer a number of specialist services

4WD Dynamometer

*** BRAND NEW ***

How we got it in there.

Our new in-ground 4WD chassis Dynamometer has been installed and is ready to go !

We are now able to:

  • Diagnose difficult problems that occur out on the road when under load;
  • Resolve speedo calibration issues;
  • Carry out performance tuning and power output testing; and
  • Offer load simulations to check for latent defects in the cooling and transmission systems for people who are planning on towing caravans, floats etc. on long journeys.

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