We have the training and equipment to carry out the following repairs:

Electrical Repairs

Re-programming/configuring Holden Astra engine control unit

Engine management systems.  Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid,  electrical faults diagnosed, rough running, poor fuel consumption, bad idle, inadequate performance.

4WD Transfer case. Modern 4WD transmission uses electrical selection via a control module and sensors as opposed to the old school mechanical linkage.

Starting and charging systems. These are becoming more complex every year with stop/start  systems and load sensing battery charging becoming the norm.

Body control modules.  Many of today’s vehicles run ancillary systems (ie central locking, wiper control) through a central processing module these are accessible with the correct scan tool, we use G-Scan,Tech-2,Bosch KTS and Snap-on machines.

Air-bag and restraint systems. Not just the air-bag anymore this now includes a whole raft of devices including pyrotechnic  squibs to blow off the battery terminals , seatbelt pre-tensioners and others.

ACS/ACS/ESP/TC/Hill descent.  Braking and stability systems.

Transmission control module. This can be Automatic, Constant velocity and robotized manual (ie Ford ASM and VW DSG). Engine faults can cause transmission to go into Limp home mode, usually 3rd and reverse gear. Do NOT drive very far with it in limp mode you will damage the transmission eventually.

CAN(controller area network) bus and VAN(vehicle area network) bus . Modern vehicles are fitted with many control modules and they have to work with one another, for example;

It’s a wet road and put your foot down on the accelerator the pedal sensor tells the throttle body to open via the engine module(ECM), it advises the transmission module(TCM) via the CAN bus which in turn will advise the ABS/ESP module . If the transmission changes down and increases the torque to the road wheels they will spin on the road. The ABS/ESP senses this and will advise the ECM via the CAN bus it in turn will reduce the throttle opening (reduce torque) until the ABS/ESP reports no spin.

We also repair the other minor systems fitted to vehicles.

Mechanical Repairs

Valve gear rebuild to Transit 2.4 TDI

Most of the servicing franchise shops do not do major mechanical, but we do.

Engine rebuilds and/or replacement. The major reasons for engine repairs are cooling and lubrication related, do not let the engine overheat , keep clean oil inside and stop dirt for getting into the intake and you will have an engine that will last the life of the vehicle.

Cylinder head repairs. Typically as above but also timing belt/chain failure due to neglecting replacement intervals or not attending to abnormal engine noises.

Timing chain.  A few vehicles have chain wear problems i.e Holden VE series with 3.6ltr engines, Nissan Navara and Pathfinder models with YD25 engines. If the chain breaks it causes really serious engine damage.

Manual gearbox repairs. These do not normally give any trouble, but running on the incorrect oil, not fixing oil leaks and driving distances with heavy loads(ie towing) in 5th gear. 4th gear is usually directly through the gearbox with no side loading on the bearings.

Transfer box repairs. Usual faults are caused by water in the sensors/switches and corrosion. But also low oil levels  and incorrect grade of oil.

Axle and Differential repairs.  As above. Watch out for slow loss of grease from the 4WD swivel hubs.

Cooling system faults.  Water loss, overheating, corrosion etc.

Clutch replacements.  Clutches fitted to all types cars and vehicles to 4 tonnes.

Brake repairs.  All brake repairs although we do NOT normally skim brake rotors (it’s just putting of the inevitable and they are not that costly).

Exhausts replacement.  As it says, but watch out for cheap catalytic converters throwing fault codes !

Suspension faults. Typically just bushes, ball joints and shock absorbers.

Steering faults.  Starting to get a little tricky on the newer cars due to electrically driven steering and stability control. They don’t give any real problems as yet.